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Wildlife Etc. is pleased to announce our association with International Trophy Room Appraisals Company. International Trophy Room Appraisals firm offers Value Consulting and Appraisal services of taxidermy and zoological collections. The primary focus of International Trophy Room Appraisals is providing Fair Market Values for their clients who have a need to place a value on one taxidermy animal or an extensive collection. Contact International Trophy Room Appraisals today to discuss your specific needs. &

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International Trophy Room Appraisals Company is experienced in providing turn-key services for their clients ranging from meticulously cataloging of each item in your collection in a professionally formatted report to working with issues of valuation in the realm of Estate/Probate, insurance, divorce, liquidation, donation, corporate, institutional, etc. International Trophy Room Appraisals Company values trophies for their Fair Market Value or Replacement Value depending on the situation. Feel free to contact International Trophy Room Appraisals Company today to discuss your specific.

Please visit International Trophy Room Appraisals on the web at website. It is important that your hunting trophy or zoological collection assets appraisal, valuing and cataloging needs be entrusted to a firm whose only business is being devoted to providing you with professional work product.

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